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Glatte Inc. operates as both a Rep and Distributor. The commitment to utilize resources as a Stocking Rep (Distributor) is solely based upon achieving financial and sales goals. All or most “end user” business is channeled through our distribution network for all Rep product lines. All manufacturing rep business is set up directly with the principal and then maintained by Glatte Inc. personnel.

The smaller manufacturing reps of today’s marketplace generally require “Just-In-Time” delivery of products. As a manufacturer’s representative, we provide a value added service to these manufacturing reps by putting a small amount of product on our shelf, and releasing it to them as needed. It also allows us to pursue synergistic product lines where Glatte Inc. would be become the broker instead of the commissioned Rep.

Our Story






Humble beginnings

Hubert Glatte formed Glatte & Company in January of 1949 in Cleveland Ohio. He was joined by his eldest son, Robert W. Glatte in the early 1950’s forming a father/son partnership.

Glatte & Company Incorporated

Bob’s brother, Peter, joined Glatte & Company in 1962 and the partnership was incorporated in 1969. The business grew with hard work and a strict code of honesty that has prevailed for many years and has become one of the major backbones of the newly formed “Glatte Inc.” Hubert, Bob and Peter built the foundation of Glatte & Company with a strong desire to serve the process instrumentation industry and with a high degree of enthusiasm, excitement and a commitment to satisfy the customer’s needs. The original territory covered was northern Ohio. Products sold ranged from mechanical temperature controls to gas burners, solenoid valves and many other devices that made up small systems to manage temperature.

Ownership Change

Glatte & Company was sold to Jim Conway of Finn & Conway in September of 1998. Finn & Conway was started by Jim Conway’s Grandfather in 1929, then run by his father until Jim took over the company in 1982. Finn & Conway is a Manufacturers Representative Firm with many of the same principles as Glatte & Company.

Glatte Incorporated is formed

In June of 2004, Jim Conway agreed to sell the assets of Glatte & Company to Michael Luck and Scott Elliott (two long time employees of Glatte & Company). Michael Luck and Scott Elliott formed the new Corporation known as Glatte Incorporated, which took over all principal contracts November 1, 2004. 

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